Smart Window Opener 

Home, Office, Hotels, Air B&B Use 

Conventionally designed for commercial, industrial or public buildings, they offer a practical solution for opening and closing windows, especially those located in hard-to-reach positions. 

   Electrical Point Needed

  An electrical point is needed to power the device. 

Easy To Install and Use

This device is suited more for the vertical windows, however can work on the horizontal ones.

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Product Features

Electronic chain motor is widely used for motorised sliding sash, casement and skylight window, etc, particularly for a higher place which is hard to manually operate,  this works with all kinds of remote control.
Adjustable length 100~400mm Chain Automatic Window Opener with remote control. ​ 

Please, can I have these?

Why  Should i get one of these?

For domestic properties, there are numerous advantages for installing window controls in the home. They include:
Hard-to-reach windows – Windows located in tric​ky positions can be difficult or even dangerous to reach. A controller system allows you to operate them at your own leisure. 
Disabled or elderly residents – For pensioners or the disabled, the daily routine of opening windows can be an arduous task. With a manual control mechanism, using a rotary handle or opener pole, the process becomes far easier, as with a remote control for electric windows. 
Natural ventilation – By employing a natural ventilation specialist to install the window control system, a fresh air flow into the building will be created. This is achieved by utilising thermal buoyancy and wind pressure techniques to recycle stale air particles. 
Health benefits – With automatic controls making things easier, windows are more likely to be opened during the day. Occupants will soon feel the health benefits of the increased natural ventilation and constant fresh air. 
Cost-efficiency – Despite the initial outlay, window controls in the home will lower energy bills in the long-run. This is especially the case with automated windows that are programmed to close at the right times, thus preserving heat inside the home. ​ 

How do Window Controls Work?

Window controls are designed to help building occupants open or close windows with more ease. They work with a device known as an actuator, a type of gear that can be operated automatically or by hand. There are even automated windows that use sophisticated smart technology and room sensors to operate the windows when required. This could be in the event of fire for example, allowing hot smoke to escape instantly and potentially save lives.

Available in single and double chain variations, these types of window actuator are usually fitted to vertical windows. Double chain versions are more suited to wider windows, which need more than one push point to open properly. Chain actuators work similarly to rack and pinion actuators. A chain engages with pinions that have been mounted on a drive shaft inside an external casing. As the pinions spin, the links of the chain are rotated through the casing at a 90-degree angle. This directs the chain into a rigid, straight form, which is highly resistant to tension and compression. For an electric window opener, the chain has been attached to a window. So as the chain is directed into a straight form, the window is pushed open. And as it retracts into the casing, the window closes.