Smart Virtual  Mirrors 

The world's first online-to-offline virtual fitting solution

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This solution enables shoppers to virtually try on clothes before taking their final selection to the dressing room or even buy clothes, without the tedium to dress and undress in shops.
The Smart Virtual Mirror automatically measures body dimensions in real-time, letting users switch between items quickly while fitting to their unique bodies. Say ‘goodbye’ to the fitting room waiting for lines!

Easy To Install and Use

1. Easy to use database production
(3D modeling from front & backside of the photo)
2. Drastically shorten 3D modeling process time
(Approx 5~10min per item, 20 times faster than other SW)
3. Realistic look and feel of garments
4. Layered Look, only possible with Smart Virtual Mirror
5. Easy availability of hardware equipment and easy installation with simple training
6. Rea view support without an additional camera


 The Cloth Authoring Tool (CAT) lets you create a 3D Cloth based on just front and back photos within 5- 10 minutes. The creation process is about 20-30 times faster than the other 3D cloth creation tools in the market. Furthermore, it delivers photo-realistic results capturing the correct look and feel of the original garments .

The Smart Virtual Mirror is an offline fitting solution that analyses users’ body measurements and fits virtual clothing instantly

Our Cloth Authoring Tool (CAT) allows for the creation of 3D apparel items in just 5-10 minutes, using only a front and back photo of the item.

Hardware System

The worlds first online-to-offline virtual fitting solution


Real-time 3D virtual fitting system
- "Try on new clothes w/out the hassles of
waiting for a physical fitting room”

Kids' Smart Virtual mirror also available

Differential Point

Automatic and accurate body measurement- about in two seconds.
Fast browsing and selection of items- users can easily change and switch from one piece of clothing to another, trying on as many styles as they like in a short space of time.
Real-time 3D virtual fitting - try on new clothes, realistically draped over the customers body, moving freely as they move.  


Display : P650HVN03.0 (550cd)      
Kinect sensor : Microsoft XBOX ONE V2
Main board : MANO500, Mini-ITX,H110 
CPU : Intel i5 core 6400
RAM : Kinston DDR4 8GB PC4-17000      HDD : 500G 3.5” 7200 RPM / WD  
VGA : Geforce GTX750 Ti 1G / Gigabyte
Wi-Fi : ipTime A1000UA-4dBi, 11ac 5/2.4Ghz, USB type 
OS : Window 10 Pro


Hardware full package :  Main device (1pc), BT keyboard (1pc), Power cable (1pc), Window CD (1pc), Graphic CD (1pc)
Bundle software :
3D modeling : CAT (Cloth Authoring Tool) (1copy)  

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