Smart Film Glass 

Home, Office, Hotels, Air B&B Use 

1. Operation department, meeting room / reception room, luxury villa / privacy room, doors / windows / partitions of senior entertainment.
2. Special ward/operation room of a hospital, monitoring room / inquire room of police station, court, prison.
3. High-end bathroom/cars, lorries, luxury yacht.
4. Jewelry shop, museum, insurance counter, automatic equipment.
5. All kinds of places needing privacy. 

   Electrical Point Needed

  An electrical point is needed to power the High Quality PDLC Film, PDLC Glass (Smart Glass). 

Easy To Install and Use

It provides instant switchable privacy for an opaque , milky white, laminated panel to become transparent with the application of an electric current to an embedded layer of liquid crystal particles.

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Sm​art Glass

Switch on, transparent; switch off, opaque; which accomplishes double the requirements of day light and privacy.
Safety, if the glass breaks, the glass fragments will stick to the film and prevent anyone from getting hurt.
Environmental protection: above 90% infrared and 98% UV and can be protected. Anti-aging, anti-fade. Sound insulation: 2 to 3 times that of ordinary glass.

Smart Glass examples

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