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1.     Can I Install my own blinds?  

Yes, you can if you do the measurements correctly.

2.     How do I measure the windows to install the blinds?  

This depends on where you want the blinds installed. There are two options:

Option 1: Outside the window frame

     Blinds Width = Window Width + 100mm(10cm) this will allow the wall to be covered on both sides.

     Blinds Height = Window Height + 100mm(10cm) or (the height you are comfortable so it would be = Window Height + ???mm)

Option 2 : Inside the window frame (the window Depth must be at least 70mm(7cm)

     Blinds Width = Window Width minus 5mm(0.5cm)

     Blinds Height = Window Height.

     Measure the right side, measure the centre and measure the left side.

Specify which side the motor must go for each of the options Left or Right.

If you want to split the lengths then measure the full width of the window first then measure the sizes of the split.

3.     If it is automatic blinds, do I use electricity?  

No, you do not need electricity when operating the blinds, however you do need electricity to charge the motor when the motor runs out of power. You can use a power bank as well.

4.     What happens when the power goes off?  

The blinds work on a battery-operated motor strong enough for the blinds, it does not matter what the size is, so you are still able open or close the blinds when the power is off.

5.     How long does the battery last?  

The battery last for about 600 runs up and down (if you are looking roughly at opening the blinds twice a day then you are looking at easily between 6 to 10 months.

7.     How Long does delivery take?  

We import these goods and depending on the method it can take between 3 to 6 weeks e.g. if the delivery is via flight it can take anything between 2 to 3 weeks and then another week at customs, if it is via the sea then it can take anything from 4 to 6 and the another week at customs.

8.     Can I get a discount on the Blinds products?  

We Already put in a 5% discount and if there are at least 10 or more items we can negotiate. If you are planning to resell please contact me on 0825516740 or Email [email protected]

9.   Where do you get your Products from?

We source our product from around the world some from China, UK and USA. We would like to support the South African industries but we don’t yet have these products around here, until then we would have to import them.

10.    Why don't you display the Pricing on your website?

We source the products from different countries and the exchange rate affects the prices which in turns affect the customs and shipping pricing and therefore it is better if we give you pricing as and when you require.