Automated Curtains

 Home, Office, Hotel, Air B&B Use 

  The automated curtains  are perfect for your home, office, villas, Air B&B's and hotels impress  your guest or friends with this easy and awesome way of opening and closing your curtains  

  No Plugs Needed

  The only wire you will need is the charging cable that is supplied to charge the device after maybe six month depending how much you use it.  

Easy To Install

Easy to install, there are 3 different types to choose from. 
Custom automated curtain rails,
Telescopic smart curtain track.
DIY automated smart curtain set.

Whatch Some of the Awesome Videos

Automated Curtain

Reliable automated curtain track system

Product Features

Three types of automated smart curtains

1. Custom automated curtain rails.
    We customise the rails according to your window/s, you can            install them yourself or we will gladly assist.
2. Telescopic smart curtain track.  
    The smart curtain rails are adjustable in four of the following          sizes:
    a1.6M to 2.65 these are the basic lengths and suitable for              most windows
   b. 2m to 3.5m 
    c.  2.5m to 4.35m
    d.  2.8m to 5m
3. DIY automated smart curtain set.
    a.  1.2m                  b.  2.2m  
    c.   3.2m                  d.  4.2m 
    e.  5.2m                   f.   6.2m

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Multi-Platform Control

App control,
Works with Alexa,
Works with Google assistantm,
Dry contact function,
RF433 remote control,
Works with smartThing.

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